Briefing for NEDs on GDPR...what you need to know and what you need to do.

The UK information regulator, the Information Commissioner's Office (‘ICO’), has confirmed that UK organisations will have to comply directly with the GDPR as it comes into force before the UK has exited the EU.

Data protection principles remain largely unchanged, but a new “accountability” principle mandates that data controllers and data processors will be responsible for, and should be able to demonstrate, compliance with the GDPR.

Demonstrating compliance will require increased attention on the following:

  • Record keeping requirements
  • Data protection programme of work
  • Policies and procedures
  • Audits, data breach monitoring and reporting
  • Staff training and awareness

Reaction to the GDPR has been mixed and some organisations have been slow to get to grips with how it will affect them. The expectation of the ICO is that boards should set the tone and make sure any response is appropriate based on the size and complexity of the organisation. The ICO now has teeth as fines of up to €20million or 4% of global turnover can be levied for the most serious breaches. Failure to comply with accountability and individuals’ rights will attract the highest fines. 

This Update is tailored to what boards and NEDs need to understand about the GDPR. The session will be interactive and engaging with practical and relevant output and take-aways, including “the 10 things that you need to do now” …. “what is the NEDs role in the process?”… “how much of the detail do you actually need to know”?

Briefing speakers

Our speakers are Jane McCall, a non-executive director of the ICO, Sian Rudgard from the Privacy and Information Management group at Hogan Lovells and James Middlehurst, an experienced NED with expertise in the data protection field. They will provide a range of perspectives based on practical, current experience working with a range of boards, with a particular focus on issues from a NED's position.

This is a private event by invitation only. For more information on other industry related events, please contact the marketing and business development team.

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