DCM Funding Strategies for Andean Corporates

Partner Oscar Stephens spoke on the panel "DCM Funding Strategies for Andean Corporates" at the 8th Andean Finance & Investment Forum held in Medellín, Colombia on September 17-18, 2014.

For sustained growth in the region, Andean corporate borrowers will require efficient access to the local and international debt markets. With balance sheets in good shape, low levels of leverage and investors hunting for yield, Andean companies are tapping both the local and international debt markets at unprecedented levels, enabling them to manage liabilities, grow their business and make strategic acquisitions. This session, taking into account trends in recent issuance and market dynamics will examine the opportunities in the local and international debt markets for Andean corporates.

  • What are the financing alternatives in the local and international debt markets?
  • How are external factors affecting international investor sentiment towards the region?
  • What pricing and/or tenor constraints exist in domestic and cross-border markets?
  • Liability management strategies
  • What are the benefits and risks of issuing in Euros? Dollars? Sterling? Asian-denominated currencies?

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