Trading places - Brexit on the world trade scene

With the talks on the UK's future trading relationship with the EU finally underway, we will be hosting our next webinar, Trading places – Brexit on the world trade scene, where we'll examine Brexit from the perspective of international trade law.

We'll start in Brussels with an analysis of the UK Government's trade proposals, asking, for example, what is the difference between the UK Government's proposed 'customs partnership' and 'max fac' solutions and how would they work in practice for economic operators?

We'll then head to Geneva, where the UK and EU negotiations with other WTO members about their post-Brexit commitments have faced criticism from other WTO members. And, after that, Washington where we'll look at the prospect of a post-Brexit US and UK trade agreement and consider what type of deal we might expect there.

Finally, we'll talk you through some real-life scenarios and how changes in UK trade policy may affect businesses in different sectors at home and abroad.

Please click here to view the recording of the webinar that took place 11 June 2018.

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