COVID-19 testing for colleges and universities

As many colleges and universities prepare to reopen, one recurring question is whether and how to conduct COVID-19 testing on some or all of those returning to the campus community.

Virtual health: What's on the horizon for telehealth and remote monitoring?

As the world responds to the COVID-19 pandemic, physicians and patients are increasingly turning to virtual health solutions, including telehealth and remote monitoring, as a central facet...

COVID-19 Webinar: Considerations for the Food and Agriculture Sector When Testing Employees for Coronavirus

Many employers in the food and agriculture sector are considering testing employees for COVID-19. Whether the testing is to identify potentially infected workers or to determine who may...

The U.S. legal considerations and changes in telehealth

On 3 October 2018 we hosted a complimentary webinar discussing the recent and proposed changes in the coverage of telehealth services, potential future developments, and some of the key...

Clinical Lab Reimbursement Overhaul: How to Prepare for It

Brooke Bumpers, Christopher Schott, and Kathleen Peterson were presenters at the "Clinical Lab Reimbursement Overhaul: How to Prepare for It" webinar in Washington, D.C.

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