Living Mobility

What is Living Mobility? It is easier to say what it is not.

The automotive industry is no longer focused on the traditional vehicle. Not only are the vehicles changing but we are now focused on mobility: different modes of travel for people and goods all connected in new and evolving ways. As this sector changes it will also change how we live because it will change how we move, are connected and even what we do. Living Mobility is an attempt to capture this vibrant evolution of not just our vehicles, and of our mobility networks, but of how we live. Changes of this magnitude take time. But the rate of change is rapid. Companies development of technology and with it new business models will combine with changes in consumer demand and government regulation to create the future. Change of this magnitude generates a host of novel business, legal and policy issues. We envision Living Mobility broadly with four key characteristics: Living Mobility is Objective, Inclusive, Sustainable, and Unifying.

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