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An analysis of the hot topics and key issues affecting African affairs

#Womandla – actively playing our part to close the gender gap

Despite the benefits of gender parity and a representative economy, and for all the talk of progress, women remain the single-largest untapped economic driver in the global economy.

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Social media and the workplace

Social media is one of the most significant developments in communication and has changed the way and speed at which people interact with one another. It has naturally infiltrated the...

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Africa – is it fit for the future?

Is Africa fit for the future? Can the continent address its challenges and make the most of its opportunities? This is complex, long term and globally critical. Lawyers can and must...

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Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

South Africa’s energy sector has been plagued with uncertainty recently, leaving South Africans in the dark as to where the country’s energy future is headed and what it will...

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Community Solar Innovation Award Winners: Masole Ammele Enterprise

Masole Ammele is in the business of promoting solar water pumps and other solar energy equipment in organic fish farming, production and provide market linkages of fresh fish, dry fish and...

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