Beijing Efforts to Promote Citizenship

Our Beijing office put together a small team to organize and structure our Citizenship efforts for 2015 and beyond.  After the series of meetings, a team of between two to ten people was put together who will be dedicated to setting up events and activities for each of the different Citizenship sectors.  Each team has a team leader who will be responsible for holding at least one meeting a month to organize events.  Additionally, the team leaders of each team will meet once a month with the Citizenship partner to discuss upcoming activities.  

As part of our efforts, the diversity team has already held two small events: one in support of Lunar New Year and one in support of International Women's Day.  The Lunar New Year Event was a short history lesson on different items that are a necessity during the new year.  Particularly, different items were shown to our colleagues and our colleagues were tasked with trying to figure out the reasoning and/or story for such item.  The International Women's Day event included a short seminar from a local dentist to discuss the best methods for healthy and white teeth.

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