Artificial Intelligence will change the way we learn, live, and thrive

How can we prepare today?

Join Hogan Lovells and Iridescent, a global STEM education nonprofit, as we convene a panel discussion focused on the intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI), education, and ethics.

Panelists from industry, academia, research, and education will explore how we can address the widening gap between rapidly advancing technology and underserved communities, discussing topics such as:

  • How should AI-powered algorithms be developed and deployed? 
  • Who is accountable when things go wrong, and how do we hold accountability?
  • What unintended effects could rapid advances in AI have on people, especially underrepresented groups?
  • What creative strategies can we use to educate and empower underrepresented groups so that they see themselves as lifelong learners and creators of technological solutions?

Come engage in a dialogue of diverse and innovative ideas around how we can prepare the education sector and society at large for the AI revolution.

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