Foreign influences on research

In August 2018, National Institute of Health (NIH) Director Francis Collins issued a statement recognizing the importance of scientific collaboration while also noting that NIH had become aware of “systematic programs” initiated by foreign entities to influence researchers and peer reviewers. Since then, NIH and other government sponsors have been ramping up their scrutiny of potential foreign influences on research. This ever increasing oversight activity has involved multiple government agencies and has taken many different forms, ranging from enhanced reporting obligations and limitations on outside activities all the way to criminal investigations and False Claims Act enforcement.

We hosted a complimentary 60-minute webinar to discuss the current state of play, compliance challenges, and approaches to minimizing risk in this quickly evolving environment.

Topics included:

  • NIH’s recent guidance on other support, foreign components, and financial conflicts of interest
  • NSF's approach to current and pending support
  • Actions taken by other federal agencies to address potential foreign influences on research
  • Compliance risks and risk mitigation strategies

Please click here to view the recording of the Foreign influences on research webinar that took place on 15 August 2019.

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