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Parity with international regulators? Hong Kong Competition Commission proposes to accept MFN commitments Global Regulatory Alert

On 31 March 2020 the Hong Kong Competition Commission (HKCC) commenced a public consultation on the commitments offered by three online travel agents (OTAs) to remove certain parity clauses ...

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Information exchange between competitors – Hong Kong Competition Commission publishes decision on proposed pharmaceutical sales survey Global Regulatory Alert

On 22 October 2019 the Hong Kong Competition Commission published a decision ruling that a sales survey proposed by the Hong Kong Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry is not exempt...

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Hong Kong Competition Commission expands leniency program

On 29 April 2019, the Hong Kong Competition Commission published its new "cooperation policy." In essence, the cooperation policy expands the authority's leniency program. The expansion...

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Antitrust spotlight on HR practices in Hong Kong

Since the entry into force of the Competition Ordinance (Ordinance) in December 2015, the Hong Kong Competition Commission (Commission) reports having encountered many practices relating to ...

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Tribunal forces Hong Kong Competition Commission to disclose more documents in first competition lawsuit

On 14 March 2018, the Competition Tribunal ("Tribunal") handed down its latest decision in Hong Kong's first "bid-rigging" proceedings under its new comprehensive competition regime, in...

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Stand-alone actions possible for anti-competitive behaviour in Hong Kong?

Speaking at a recent conference in Hong Kong, the President of the Hong Kong Competition Tribunal, Mr Justice Godfrey Lam, examined whether parties might seek remedies for anti-competitive...


Deferring to Chinese government, US Court of Appeals overturns vitamin C cartel judgment

On 20 September 2016, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in the United States overturned a federal district court judgment in a class action antitrust lawsuit against two Chinese companies ...


Rundown on the first year of competition law enforcement in Hong Kong

In late October, the Hong Kong Competition Commission ("HKCC") published its 2015/2016 annual report, the first since the Competition Ordinance ("Ordinance") came into full force on 14...

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