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Hogan Lovells Publications

A Comparative Guide: Impact of COVID-19 on the Infrastructure and Energy Sector

COVID-19 challenges on the infrastructure and energy sector and critical drivers of growth and sustainability

Hogan Lovells Publications

New COVID-19 UK Government guidance for construction contracts and PFI/PF2 specific guidance

The following UK Government guidance is intended to sit alongside and expand on previous guidance issued by the Government on how contracting authorities are to support Government suppliers ...


COVID-19 relief for UK government suppliers

On 20 March, the Cabinet Office in the UK issued a new Procurement Policy Note: Supplier relief due to COVID-19.

Hogan Lovells Publications

The Efficiency Factor Energy Efficiency in the New Energy Economy

Shortly after his "Put on a Sweater" speech in 1977, President Jimmy Carter began a televised address to the American people with the words, "Tonight I want to have an unpleasant talk with...

Hogan Lovells Publications

Innovation and Regulation: An Uncomfortable Relationship?

Innovation and economic regulation of energy utility assets are not the easiest of bedfellows. But, despite the fact that economic regulation has typically entrenched long term thinking,...


The Many Faces of "Negawatts" Energy Efficiency in the New Energy Economy

In a time of change throughout the energy sector, one area that gets less attention than it deserves is energy efficiency. No longer does the concept conjure up pictures of an American...

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