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Stubbing out duty free: understanding, engaging with and challenging UK Government decisions

Following Brexit, the UK Government has been exercising its new-found sovereignty by entering into international treaties. Many of these treaties concern the UK’s trading...


EU law: what's retained?
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The European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 created "retained EU law" to fill the gap left by EU law following the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the EU unless or until the UK...

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The Social Value Act Requirements: More Detail

The Social Contract – "Each Member of the Community gives himself to it, at the moment of its foundation" – Jean Jacques Rousseau, France 1762 The Social Value Act / Model -...

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2020: Compliance overview

It was clear during 2020 that social distancing does not mean “relief” or deviations from compliance values and procedures. Although this unprecedented period was (and still is) ...

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Beyond Brexit transition series

As Brexit comes to a head with the possibility of a deal within touching distance, on our Brexit hub you’ll find updates from our lawyers on key issue that will continue to be high on ...

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