Hogan Lovells analyzes trends shaping the Consumer sector in 2019

Washington, D.C., 28 March 2019 − Global law firm Hogan Lovells published Consumer Horizons, the firm’s annual insight into current and evolving trends that are shaping the future of the Consumer industry.

The way consumer companies operate is shifting. From issues in supply chain to the digitalization of the consumer experience, companies are rapidly changing to keep up with consumer demands. Last year businesses in the consumer industry saw a wave of unprecedented disruption and transformation, and 2019 promises challenges of similar or greater magnitude. 

In this edition of Consumer Horizons, the Hogan Lovells global Consumer team identifies trends that will impact food and beverages companies, fashion and luxury goods producers, retailers, consumer electronics manufacturers, and other consumer companies throughout 2019. 

Our team breaks down disruptive technology, sustainability, and corporate responsibility practices, privacy and consumer data issues, shifting sales models, supply and sourcing matters, M&A and capital markets, and more – all with a look at global perspectives.

Commenting on Consumer Horizons, Hogan Lovells partner and Global Head of the firm’s Consumer Sector Kelly Tubman Hardy said: 

“Whether your challenges are geopolitical change, a competitive landscape, or fundamental changes in consumer demand, there will be lots to watch. Brexit, tariffs, and political changes are sure to dominate on the supply side. E-commerce regulation will continue to be a factor, with a focus on consumer protection in Europe, the California Consumer Privacy Act being implemented in the United States, and new e-commerce regulations in China and India. How quickly these regulations are implemented and the effect they will have on consumer rights has yet to be seen. Amidst these changes, you must learn how you can prepare for the future.” 

The full Consumer Horizons report can be downloaded here.

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