FRC – New guidance on AGM best practice

The Financial Reporting Council (FRC), the body responsible for the UK Corporate Governance Code, has published guidance on best practice for holding AGMs, taking into account the impact of this year’s COVID-19 lock-down on the 2020 AGM season and providing its views on what did, and did not, work well. The FRC views that the lessons learned from lock-down should be a catalyst for long overdue change.

The guidance, available here, sets out the FRC’s views on best practice for the 2021 AGM season, most of which is applicable, whether or not lock-down continues. In particular, the annex to the guidance is well worth reading by anyone who is starting to plan a 2021 annual general meeting or, indeed, any other shareholder meeting.

Click here to read our full commentary on the new guidance, including our summary of the key takeaways.

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