Getting the Deal Through: M&A Litigation 2020

A joint Hogan Lovells & Lexology/GTDT publication on M&A Litigation

More than 20 lawyers from Hogan Lovells – in collaboration with other well-known experts in their field – recently published the third edition of "Getting The Deal Through: M&A Litigation," a comparative guide to M&A litigation in 17 jurisdictions around the world.

M&A Litigation provides expert guidance on a range of topics, including: shareholder claims; individual shareholder losses in connection with M&A transactions; corporation losses in conjunction with M&A transactions; claims against third-party advisers; statutory or regulatory provisions; common law rules; the challenging of particular clauses or terms in M&A transaction documents; the impact of a shareholder vote; the burden of proof in M&A litigation; damages; and duties and responsibilities of directors for corporations receiving unsolicited or unwanted proposals to enter into M&A transactions.

Download Getting The Deal Through: M&A Litigation 2020

Reproduced with permission from Law Business Research Ltd. Getting the Deal Through: M&A Litigation 2020 (published in April 2020; contributing editors: Jon M. Talotta, William Regan, Ryan M. Philp, Hogan Lovells). For further information please visit

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