Transfer Pricing

In today's environment, transfer pricing needs to be done effectively. It needs proper analysis and clear communication.

That’s where we come in. We do it right. With a combination of engineers, economists, and people schooled in business, we know how to work-out what drives value in a business and then put a price on it.

Our team of transfer pricing specialists brings a wealth of in-house, advisory, and tax authority experience. That allows us to provide solutions that are insightful, robust, and pragmatic. We implement too, and with a team of lawyers standing behind us we can do all the legal stuff as well in offices all around the world.

No agenda. No baggage. Just good advice.

Representative experience

Performed and documented a detailed value chain and functional analysis plus profit-split calculations to support a client's negotiations with a tax authority prelitigation.

Advised a UK-based multinational on historic thin capitalization, and modeled impact of new interest deductibility rules.

Designed and implemented a new brand licensing structure for a FTSE-100 company across its operations worldwide.

Advised a global business on supply chain optimisation and the creation of a single hub for IP, procurement and sales related activities.

Conducted a critical review of a tax authority's profit-split model to support MAP negotiations, and helped develop alternative parameters for calculations.

Drafted expert opinions on a number of cases involving allegations of value-shifting through non-arm's length transfer pricing.

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